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PROGRAM - Special Focus - Michael WINTERBOTTOM: The Filmmaker across the Boundaries

Michael WINTERBOTTOM: The Filmmaker across the Boundaries

24 Hour Party People

DIRECTOR Michael WINTERBOTTOM Michael WINTERBOTTOM: The Filmmaker across the Boundaries구분없음
Nation UK 2002117minDigi-Betacolor/b&w Fiction
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A wild and sexy tale of music, good times and the larger-than-life characters behind the spectacular rise and fall of Manchester’s infamous Factory Records and Hacienda nightclub.

  • Review

    Major work of Winterbottom, it is a film about Manchester, for Manchester, and how post punk music was introduced and developed the 80s. Like his latest film On the Road which follows an emerging band Wolf Alice, this film also displays the style of Winterbottom. Drawn to music, drugs, sex, it shows the rise and fall of legend musicians throughout the 80s in Manchester and actively tries to find meaning behind all this. 1967, a local newscaster Tony is inspired by the Sex Pistols concert and establishes a record company named ‘Factory Records.’ Another music guru is born as this leads to signing contracts with ‘Joy Division’, ‘New Order’, ‘Happy Mondays.’ Soon after, they open a nightclub, Hacienda. Set in the age where being free and illicit was permitted, the film reviews the value of human and interprets it with the director’s energy. [Lee Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director Michael WINTERBOTTOM
    Screenplay Frank Cottrell BOYCE
    Producer Andrew EATON
    Cinematography Robby MULLER
    Art Director Mark TILDESLEY
    Editor Trevor WAITE
    Sound Stuart WILSON
    Music Liz GALLACHER
    Cast Steve COOGAN, Paddy CONSIDINE, Danny Cunningham, Sean HARRIS, Shirley HENDERSON