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PROGRAM - Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche

My Twentieth Century

DIRECTOR Ildikó ENYEDI Carte Blanche구분없음
Nation Hungary, West Germany, Cuba 1989102minDCPb&w Fiction
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At the dawn of the 20th Century the double-blind experiment hits crescendo for Dora & Lili. In 1900, technology was accelerating, could women´s rights and national self-determination keep pace?

  • Review

    The film begins with Edison’s invention of the light bulb in 1880 that changed the 20th century. The twin sisters, Dora and Lili, live different lives following the guidance of whispering stars, comparing the main frameworks of the time. The film is the aggregation of opposing keywords in the era: Individualism vs. totalitarianism; technology vs. traditionalism; and socialism vs. capitalism. Enyedi built an intelligent film with fairytale-like style. The dream of the century and implication of history are unfolded in logical, yet fantastic way. What does the 20th century mean for the viewers: Dora´s life or Lili´s life? In between the two women, their lives have varied by their country and conditions. The film questions what kind of era we are going through. This Enyedi’s debut film won the Golden Camera at Cannes Film Festival. [LEE Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director Ildiko ENYEDI
    Screenplay Ildiko ENYEDI
    Producer Norbert Frieslander, Gabor HANAK
    Cinematography Tibor MATHE
    Art Director Zolitan LABAS
    Editor Maria RIGO
    Music Laszlo VIDOVSAKY
    Cast Dorota SEGDA, Oleg JANKOVSKII, Paulus MANKER, Peter ANDORAI



Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1955, Ildiko Enyedi directed five features and several shorts winning more than 40 international awards. In 1989, her feature film, My 20th Century(1989) won the Golden Camera Award at Cannes Film Festival and was selected among the 10 best films of the year by The New York Times. In 1992, she was the member of the jury at Berlin International Film Festival. She is a professor at the University of Film and Drama Arts in Budapest and a member of the European Film Academy.