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PROGRAM - Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche

The Table

DIRECTOR KIM Jongkwan Carte Blanche구분없음
Nation Korea 201672minDCPcolor Fiction
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A story of four couples on a table at a cafe for one day. Their stories show different pieces of present lives of women.

  • Review

    Four actresses unfold four different episodes. Kim Jongkwan captures subtle moments of life on the table through real and simple language and actions. Each character played differently by Jung Eunchae, Han Yeri, Lim Soojung, and Jung Yumi resonates us emotionally. Lim Soojung plays a character who breaks up. Jung Eunchae plays an untactful woman. Jung Yumi’s character meets her boyfriend after a long time and tries to pull herself together. Han Yeri’s character talks to an elder woman. There is no special directing in these episodes on the table. They live their time and space like flowing water. The simple and natural aspects resemble life, reminding us that we watch movies not to forget the reality but to document our days like journals. Kim Jongkwan’s unique sense of subtlety shines like it did in his previous work, Worst Woman. [LEE Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director KIM Jongkwan
    Screenplay KIM Jongkwan
    Producer Jenna KU
    Cinematography KIM Jiyong, LEE Seunghun
    Art Director SHIN Yoojin
    Editor WON Changjae
    Music Narae
    Cast LIM Soojung, JUNG Yumi, HAN Yeri, JUNG Eunchae


KIM Jongkwan

Born in 1975, Daejeon. How to Operate a Polaroid Camera(2004) was screened at several film festivals. In 2008, he filmed and theatrically released Lovers(2008), a compilation of his own short films. He directed Come, Closer(2010), a full-length omnibus film, which was screened in the Panorama section of the 15th BIFF. His second feature film, Worst Woman(2016) was theatrically released and won FIPRESCI Award at the 38th Moscow IFF.