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18th Jeonju IFF | Festival Identity

Slogan & Festival Identity (F.I)


The slogan of the 18th Jeonju International Film Festival is ‘Outlet for Cinematic Expression’. This slogan puts an emphasis on the attitude which Jeonju IFF should hold for this year in setting the direction of programming. Jeonju IFF is expected to create an outlet for cinematic expression through the attitude to respect and embrace the diversity of views and tastes and through controversy triggered by challenging films. The slogan, ‘Outlet for Cinematic Expression,’ is also the expression of the will to continue the spirit of Jeonju IFF which has supported the freedom of expression in film and arts without being swayed by external pressure. Jeonju IFF will share the visions and world views of film writers, not imposing restrictions on political and artistic expressions. The vision and the identity of Jeonju IFF which will build an ‘Outlet for Cinematic Expression’ are also reflected in the official poster of Jeonju IFF.

Festival Identity (F.I)

The festival identity of the 18th Jeonju IFF clearly reflected the slogan and identity of Jeonju IFF. First, the official posters of Jeonju IFF visualized the slogan, ‘Outlet for Cinematic Expression,’ using imageries symbolizing the movement of ‘light’ and ‘butterfly.’ Lights emanating from the headlight mark a beginning of the festival and give the impression of films with diverse perspectives. In addition, Jeonju IFF this year has returned to the imagery of ‘Butterfly’ which was previously used as symbol of the 13th and 14th Jeonju IFF, to deliver the festival identity, ‘the film festival in Spring.’ The symbol of butterfly has been dynamically changed into more vibrant image of butterfly, implying that Jeonju IFF will provide an outlet for expression through diverse film programs. Jeonju IFF fixed its identity through consistency between logo and color as well as brand-making of key color. The key color representing Jeonju IFF has been turned into a brand, as renamed as ‘Jeonju Red.’ Meanwhile, blue-green color was selected as alternative color of the 18th Jeonju IFF, which adds lively and exuberant mood of spring.


The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival’s official trailer expressed the liveliness of the spring, the holding season of the festival. As flowers come into bloom with bright colors of the spring, there are full of life. Flowers has been changed into the vibrant imagery of butterfly, implying that Jeonju IFF will consistently be changed and create it’s own energy.

Artist Intro

Monica Eunji Kim A visual designer Monica Eunji KIM delivers story through various digital media. After graduating from SVA in New York, She has worked on several projects which include future vision project, product, branding, and UI/UX for 5 years as a motion graphic designer in Google creative lab. Currently, she is an independent art director who performs in various fields such as advertisement, documentary, independent animation.(http://monicak.im)

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